Tax Planning

No one wants to pay more in taxes than they need to. That’s why it’s critical that your financial advisor integrates tax planning into your financial plan. Jacobsen Capital Advisors provides tax-planning services in the Salt Lake City area.

Tax-Planning Strategies from Financial Advisors

Did you know that it is possible for you to pay more in taxes during retirement than in your working years? At our financial planning firm, our goal is to help you lower your tax bill now — and in retirement — so you can keep more money in your pocket.

We help you achieve this through:


Annual Tax Return Review:

Your Certified Financial Planner will assess and evaluate your tax returns from previous years to see where you might be able to make changes that will save you money on your future tax bill.


Income stream timing & coordination (required minimum distributions, pensions, Social Security, etc.):

Putting together a withdrawal strategy in retirement can make a large impact on the success of your financial plan. Knowing when to pull from each of your income sources can be complicated, but that’s where your financial planning team and Certified Financial Planner can help. We can work with you to build and apply strategies that will improve your situation.


Roth Conversions:

Strategically timed Roth conversions have the ability to substantially help your financial plan. We work with our clients to map out when future Roth conversions can be beneficial to their situation.


Charitable giving strategies:

While the main motivation of giving to charity should not be to save on taxes, there are many strategies that we specialize in that can help you gift in a more tax-efficient way.

Want to learn more about how our financial advisors help our clients save money with tax planning?

*Jacobsen Capital Advisors does not provide tax preparation services

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