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Jacobsen Capital Advisors helps clients in the Salt Lake City area with short-term and long-term investment management strategies to help them meet their financial goals today, and in retirement.

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Our investment management team works with you to customize an investment strategy targeted toward your financial goals and objectives. We help you stay on track regardless of market volatility and continually changing market conditions. With investing, there is always risk. Our goal is to help you feel more secure knowing you have a team of experts on your side.

We help you with:


Asset Allocation:

Diversifying a portfolio across different asset classes provides the greatest chance for success.

However, not all investments are created equal. We rely on evidence-based research to build diversified portfolios that perform in all markets.

We believe in cost effective and tax efficient investments. Your Certified Financial Planner will work in your best interest and choose investments that eliminate unnecessary fees and keep investment costs low.


Risk Tolerance:

Your tolerance for risk is an important factor in determining your investment management strategy.

Our job as Financial Planners is to build an investment management strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance as well as your future goals.

Our financial advisors take time to understand you and your past experiences. As Financial Planners, we want to ensure you are comfortable with your investment portfolio and the risk you are assuming.


Account Monitoring:

Account monitoring is an important piece of investment management that people don’t think about as often as they should. Investors may get their quarterly statements, see that their money is growing, and happily move on to another task.

That can work in your favor, but not as well as active account monitoring will. Keeping an eye on changes with the market, your individual financial position and your specific investments, and making decisions based on these changes can have a powerful impact on your return on investment.

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