Equity Compensation

Equity compensation is complicated. If left unplanned and unmanaged, your equity compensation benefits can quickly get out of control. Working with a Certified Financial Planner at Jacobsen Capital Advisors of Salt Lake City can help you make the most of your equity compensation.

Our expertise includes:


Restricted Stock Awards (RSA’s/RSU’s)


Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSO’s)


Incentive Stock Options (ISO’s)


Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP’s)

Because equity compensation is so varied and complicated, it can be valuable to work with an experienced financial planner in Salt Lake City. We can assess your options and awards and give you advice as to which actions to take and when, in order to maximize your profits and minimize your taxes.

Tax planning is a critical aspect of equity compensation. We work with our clients to strategically develop a plan that is tax efficient and makes the most of your awards.

Want to learn more from a Certified Financial Planner in Salt Lake City about efficiently managing your equity compensation?

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